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One of the first steps for your business should be getting a proper logo. Your logo can help define your brand or personality in the market. For example, a hotel logo should be neat, clean and have plenty of space, like the hotel’s accommodations. A new restaurant with a new type of cuisine should have a logo with new colors and new fonts.

A logo can communicate a great deal about your business, and some planning can also help you avoid later expenses. If your logo, for example, is trendy and fashionable, it may need updating every few years. Updating your logo can be expensive, especially if you have vehicle wraps, billboards and/or uniforms to redesign. This can be avoided by taking a broad view and designing your logo with basic and classic elements. When I design a logo, I usually … Read More »


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Signs can make a big impact, depending on placement and quality of material. Visibility must be balanced with resolution quality. Photographs are difficult to manage, as they’re rarely shot at print resolution at the size of the sign. You can get away with 150 ppi (pixels per inch) but if the sign can be viewed at close range, it’s best to stick to 300 ppi. Because of the distance, billboards and building signs can get away with 100 ppi or even lower.

If your signage is outdoor in Florida, fading is a real problem. Stay away from large photos unless there is a UV guarantee. Stick with vector graphics and high-contrast colors. This includes auto wraps, window vinyls, sandwich boards for sidewalks and coroplast yard signs.