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Flyers and Brochures

Posted on August 13th, by admin in Modes of Advertising. Comments Off on Flyers and Brochures

Flyers, brochures and rack cards have a particularly good response as they are usually voluntarily chosen. If your customers find the piece appealing, they will pick it up, possibly take it with them to other customers or use it to refer others. Therefore durability and usefulness are the main concerns. If there are no folds (brochures) I recommend card stock. Card stock is pre-coated with gloss or matte finish. Gloss works well for attention-grabbing designs and is slightly more resilient to damage from wear and tear, but there’s been a movement to matte and it works better if your have any areas for the customer to fill in with pen. A good example of a piece that needs to be markable with pen is a reference card or gift certificate, so these should definitely be matte coated.

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