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Email Marketing

Posted on August 13th, by admin in Modes of Advertising. Comments Off on Email Marketing

If you have a list of voluntary, ‘opt-in’ email addresses, the best way to handle them is with a marketing solution like MailChimp, which can be integrated into your social site or webpage. I can create plug-ins or widgets for email capture to embed on your site. I can also set-up a tablet or mobile device with a Mailchimp email capture screen.

I do not recommend “buying” email lists from any source. This is spam. Your emails should be volunteered on your site or in your business by individuals. This seems difficult and time-consuming, but it works better in the long run, and keeps your company’s reputation safe and amiable with your customers. Word-of-mouth recommendation will strengthen, as well as online reviews.

Right now the quickest alternative to email marketing is a Facebook page. More and more traffic is moving into the … Read More »