Everything is designed. Few things are designed well. - Brian Reed

About frankie

I originally went to college for a graphic design degree and changed midstream, graduating with a degree in English. I tried teaching and photography for several years, but I came back to graphic design through proofreading and copy writing. I’ve worked with Enjoy Florida Magazine as editor since 2003, and as art director at Kenney Communications, Inc. since 2008.

I feel my strongpoint is with branding and prefer to begin with a client before they open their business. Whether you’re just opening or looking for a new designer, we can start with a logo design, move to website and signage/decor, then internal branding (business cards, forms, etc) and move to advertising last. I can revitalize your old logo, or just retrace it so you have a hi-rez version. I can design or redesign brochures, media kits, product packaging, cards, flyers, ads, signs, silk screen, printed-on merchandise…

I also do web design, though not often entire websites. I can design web banner ads, static and animated, and digital ads for on-screen and LED signage. I can do some editing with video, photography and sound, but I would probably choose to refer you to someone with more experience.