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Publication Layout

Posted on August 13th, by admin in Modes of Advertising. Comments Off on Publication Layout


This is my main job at my current full time office, and though it’s pretty seamless now, it took years to perfect the production system. I began in Quark and migrated to Adobe with Indesign at about version CS3, and now I use CC or the 7th edition. The first of any periodical, book or newsletter can be difficult and error-ridden, but after a few editions it becomes easier. Indesign has a million little tricks like Master Pages, Step and Repeat, and Align tools that make page layouts quick and easy.

Though these sorts of pubs are nearing retirement, there is still plenty of demand in tourism markets. There are also many Adobe tricks for converting to online editions with flipping pages and interactive animation. A great example is the site Issuu.com which offers free publishing and which I use for Enjoy Florida Magazine.

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