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One of the first steps for your business should be getting a proper logo. Your logo can help define your brand or personality in the market. For example, a hotel logo should be neat, clean and have plenty of space, like the hotel’s accommodations. A new restaurant with a new type of cuisine should have a logo with new colors and new fonts.

A logo can communicate a great deal about your business, and some planning can also help you avoid later expenses. If your logo, for example, is trendy and fashionable, it may need updating every few years. Updating your logo can be expensive, especially if you have vehicle wraps, billboards and/or uniforms to redesign. This can be avoided by taking a broad view and designing your logo with basic and classic elements. When I design a logo, I usually start with your business’ origin story. If your logo reflects some core element of the history of your business, it will last longer and serve you better.

A logo should have only 2-3 colors, and be able to function in one color if necessary. It should be recognizable and mostly readable from a distance or when scaled down to very small. It should be adaptable to several different shapes for different formats and uses. And it should, of course, be unique.

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