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Business Cards

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Once you have a logo, having business cards made is a great way to pass your info along to personal acquaintances and clients. The quality of the paper/card stock and design can say a lot about your brand. Your staff will be better motivated to uphold your brand if they have personalized business cards.

Because it’s easy now to order basic cards online, it’s also easy to stand out by paying a little extra for higher quality materials. Card stock should be 12pt or higher cover weight. Matte coated card stock is best, and you can have UV coat added for a little more cost. To really make a design stand out, you can add foil accents, embossing or spot-UV.

Small runs (less than 10,000) will usually run on digital printers and cost less, but the fine lines are not as crisp or color as vibrant as on offset printers. Digital is getting better every year, however, and the difference will eventually be imperceptible. For biz cards now, offset printing is really only affordable in large quantities. The best way in either format is to print shells – cards preprinted in large quantity (10,000+) and stored for small runs of different contact details (called imprints) for different employees.

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